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We have collected the main SEO trends of the last few months, from mobile optimizations to the importance of going beyond Google, discover them below to increase the visibility of your company on the web.

SEO nowadays puts the user and their experience at the center: providing quick and relevant answers, regardless of the device or channel used for the search, is essential.
Google is creating a seamless ecosystem where the user can perform many actions without leaving the platform. Therefore, making your website responsive and ensuring a consistent user experience across different platforms is essential.

AI in SEO: an essential ally

High-quality structured data is the key to ranking among the top search results. It is advisable to provide search engines with as much of this data as possible to increase the visibility of your online content, as it allows search engines to better understand it and show it to interested users.

Creating high-quality content that responds to users’ real search intent has always been a best practice. Today, this practice becomes even more important due to the enormous amount of information online. Google and other search engines favor informative content that fully meets user needs.

Collaboration with a Recruiting agency:

SEO strategies will necessarily have to go beyond Google as in some states, different search engines dominate the market. Optimizing for these engines can be crucial to international success.

Additionally, the use of social platforms like TikTok and Twitch for searches is on the rise, so it’s important to start considering them from a positioning and visibility perspective.

New technologies and the continuous evolution of the digital world are always bringing new challenges and opportunities to companies. Nowadays, by focusing on quality content creation, multi-device optimization and the intelligent use of AI, you can keep your websites ahead of trends, ensuring your brand succeeds online.


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