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Euros Energy is among them. Opinions and certificates confirm that the manufacturer meets the requirements of international organizations. Euros Energy has obtaine international certificates, such as: Passive House, Antimicrobal Copper Cu+, Hygienic Certificate and the award of the National Center for Research and Development. The obtaine certificates allow us to continue to develop and introduce more and more modern technological solutions.

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What development strategy has Euros Energy chosen? The opinions of marketing specialists clearly indicate that the high quality of products is no longer enough to attract new consumers. Customer satisfaction should be constantly taken care Marketing Directors Email Lists of, as the factors affecting purchasing decisions have change significantly over the years. The heat pump industry must pay attention to the ecological aspects of its products and inform about them through marketing activities, as well as properly create the brand as a manufacturer. Euros Energy, as a Polish and innovative brand, implementing the latest solutions, builds its image as an expert in the industry.

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