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It turns out that a large chain store offers free delivery! So you go to the seller’s website, place an order and any day you will enjoy your new footwear. And all this quickly, easily and transparently thanks to the Google Shopping service. Would you like your store’s offer to also be found on the Google Shopping tab? Find out how to do it and why it’s worth it! Google Shopping Product Ads – more than just a price comparison engine Google Shopping is one of several Google services design to help users find interesting offers on the Internet.

Marketing In Their Campaigns Final Thoughts

As part of it, you can not only find, but also compare offers from different stores, both in terms of product features and transaction parameters. Thanks to this, you can easily track down favorable sales, free shipping deals and other attractive sales options. It’s about customers. What about online store owners? Google phone number list Shopping is a great opportunity to present your offer to users who are potentially interest in buying and are at the advanc stages of the sales funnel. Due to the huge popularity of the platform, Google Shopping has a huge advertising potential. How does Google Shopping work? Product Listing Ads (PLA) work with the Google Ads system, which means your Google Display.

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Provides Higher Conversion Rates

Network campaigns are in the same place. However, the way of selecting and broadcasting content to users differs. In the case of product advertising, the Google algorithm decides to display it on the basis of the parameters contain in the so-call  product fe – a properly configur text file containing the necessary data, such as title, description, brand, category, availability, price or delivery cost of a given product. A properly creat campaign to the user. In addition, it BH Lists will include the photo and name of the product, as well as information about the store and the current price.

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