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The culmination of the day should be a tasting of the prepared dishes – because nothing brings you closer than having a feast together! Corporate Culinary Tournament Golden Polish autumn is also a great time for company integration in the form of a weekend trip to the mountains. At this time of the year, the trails sparkle with all the colors of autumn, and the rustling of leaves underfoot gives a pleasant rhythm to the journey. It is best to choose routes that are not too long and not too difficult so that all participants enjoy the hike. On the route, you can also plan surprises and places for the so-called rest.

The summer means great

Such a trip can be combined with an outdoor or scenario game to use this time also for team building games. Corporate integration in the fall also has the advantage that it allows you to mobilize the team after the holidays. 4. Be sure to go on a Qatar WhatsApp Number List sleigh ride in winter! Winter integration – only on snow! Winter has its undeniable charm. The area covered with a thick layer of white down looks incredibly atmospheric. How to use the winter, frosty aura in corporate integration ? A great idea is to organize a sleigh ride in a picturesque area.

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Fun laughter and positive emotions

A ride among snow-covered grasses, trees and bushes will undoubtedly be an amazing experience for employees. After the sleigh ride, it is worth going to the restaurant for a hot meal that will warm up the frozen bodies. Hot mulled wine with BH Lists honey, cloves and oranges will surely find many amateurs! In the evening, after a successful day spent on a sleigh ride or interesting workshops, you can sit by the fireplace before a gala dinner or banquet. Immerse yourself in an interesting conversation or just drift your thoughts somewhere far away.

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