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Find out more about BIMI >>> Part 4 icon with ribbon for sender reputation Email deliverability and sender reputation While individual email messages receive spam scores, sender reputation involves rating the trustworthiness (or spamminess) of different domains and IP addresses. It’s a lot like a credit score for email marketers. Sender reputation (or email reputation) is a major consideration in email deliverability. Email reputation is measured by evaluating the behaviors of either a particular sending domain or a specific IP address. So, what’s the difference? Domain reputation vs.

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IP reputation Domain reputation is connected to Burundi Email List the domain used to send email from your organization. This may be your main domain  etc.). Using subdomains for different emailing purposes can help protect your domain reputation. This way, if marketing promotions are sent from a separate subdomain, and people start complaining about spam, it won’t impact email deliverability for the domain used to send transactional messages. Domain reputation is connected to brand reputation. If you’re a well-known, reputable brand, mailbox providers assume recipients want and expect your messages.

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So, they’re more likely to get BH Lists delivered. IP reputation measures the trustworthiness of unique IP addresses where email originates. It relies on factors such as bounce rates, spam complaints, message content, and other factors traced back to the sending IP. You can always start fresh with a new IP, but you’ll also need to warm up that IP address and build a better email reputation from scratch. The problem is that some senders use shared IP addresses while others have a dedicated IP address for sending email. On a shared IP, you also share the reputation of other senders.


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