What is Twitter Analytics and how does it work

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What is Twitter Analytics? Twitter Analytics is the native analysis and statistics tool that this social network offers us. With which we can know in detail the reach. engagement and activity of our tweets and our profile or account in general. What is Twitter Analytics for and what data does it provide us? We could say that this tool is an equivalent to Facebook Insights. Which we have already talked about in a previous article. But created by Twitter to extract each and every one of the data from our profiles on its platform. Everyone who already has a new Twitter account knows that if you want to have more constant and natural growth. You must know the data and statistics of your publications.

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And what better way to do it than by learning how this analysis tool works and the interpretation of the data it provides us. Because as we have job function email list already said. Correctly analyzing all your activity will help you. At the same time, get the greatest possible return on each of your tweets. Therefore. in this guide I am going to do a broad review of something that will be very useful to know if your activity and interaction in this medium are profitable. or on the contrary, you need to change your Digital Marketing strategy or Plan or, at least , those points related to your activity on Twitter.

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Download My E-book About Automated Funnels! How does this Twitter Analytics platform work? Once we have reviewed what exactly Twitter ‘s “Analytics” platform is and its usefulness, I invite you to learn, step by step. How this tool works and what data and BH Lists statistics we can analyze with it: 1st. Accessing the platform The first step to take is, naturally, entering this option. To do this, all you have to do is go to your profile and click on ” More Options ” in the lower left corner. Once this is done. A drop-down menu will open.

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