What is Target Online and how to define the Internet audience

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What is Target? The Target of a business encompasses a group of users who. Taking into account their particularities. Needs and general characteristics. Would be more likely to become real consumers of the products or services offered by a brand. This concept. If we put it on the table and compare it generically with the definition of “target audience” (which we saw in previous articles on my blog). Could confuse us and make us believe that both are synonyms. But, it is not so.

What is Target

Since this particular concept could be extrapolated much more to TOFU (Top of the Funnel) . And the fact is that. Although top people data from Target’s definition we deduce that theoretically all the users who will buy/hire us would enter there. We are still very far from knowing for sure if they are really our true ideal client or Buyer Persona . What is Target? What is the purpose of identifying our Target and what advantages does it give us. As you have probably already sensed. Being very clear about this concept from the earliest stages of your venture. Will allow you not to “shoot in the air” and start by targeting a more or less specific group of people.

What is the purpose

In this way, by defining a Target, you will segment much better and be able to accommodate your product or service BH Lists based on the way of being. Thinking and the general problem of the true protagonist: our ideal customer . Therefore. It is necessary to have the ability to try to recognize or identify the Online and Offline audience of our business . Above all, if we want this story to have an introduction. Middle and end. Attractive enough (in the face of our objective audience) so that the end of the story or “outcome” is happy for everyone.

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