How to Transfer Airtel Data to Another Phone Number

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In today’s digital age, mobile data has become a crucial commodity, enabling us to stay connected, informed, and entertained. Often, situations arise where we wish to share our mobile data with friends or family members, or perhaps transfer it to another phone number. Airtel, a prominent telecommunications provider, offers a straightforward process for transferring data from one Airtel number to another. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to achieve this seamless data transfer.

Check Eligibility

Before proceeding with the data transfer, ensure that both the sending and receiving Airtel numbers are eligible for data sharing. This typically Korea phone number data involves being on the same telecom circle or specific prepaid plans that permit data sharing. You can contact Airtel customer service or visit their official website for detailed information about eligibility criteria.

Prepare Both Devices

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Ensure that both the sending and receiving devices have the Airtel SIM cards inserted and are powered on. Also, verify that both phones are active and have a working internet connection, preferably through cellular data. Airtel has introduced a convenient USSD code-based method to transfer data. On the sending device, dial the USSD code: *141# and press the call button. This will open a menu with various options for different services.

Select Data Gifting

From the USSD menu, select the option that corresponds to data gifting or data sharing. The specific wording might vary, but it will be BH Lists evident in the menu. After selecting data gifting, you will be prompted to enter the recipient’s Airtel mobile number to which you want to transfer the data. Double-check the number to ensure accuracy.

Choose Data Amount

Following the recipient’s number input, you will be presented with a list of data transfer options. These options will generally include different data quantities that you can transfer. Choose the amount of data you wish to transfer and confirm your selection.
Carefully review the details of the data transfer, including the recipient’s number and the data amount. If everything is accurate, confirm the transfer. Airtel may deduct the data amount from your balance or charge it to your postpaid bill, depending on your plan.

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