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Therefore, you should ask yourself, is your work team happy? The image of the employerwhere people want to work, which provides a good atmosphere and gives opportunities for development, and will certainly attract more candidates intereste in working for this company. The image of the employer Opinion about the employer is also often presente and commente on various forums, sometimes with a very wide reach, but also within local communities, where we are most often looking for employees. That is why it is so important for the employee to feel appreciate or even pampere.

Successful integration All the games describe

How to achieve it? If only by the fact that the company will organize a trip to an interesting place, and offer some attractive activities during the training. Therefore, the organization of company events makes sense – it is one of the most important Singapore Phone Number List employer branding activities. What is worth remembering when organizing a corporate event? The organization of a corporate event should start with defining the goal we want to achieve thanks to it. This will allow you to adjust the nature of the event to the expecte results as much as possible.

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Above have one goal to integrate the group

As a form of employee integration, a lavish party, a joint trip or a bonfire will be perfect. Or the already mentione team building games. As part of stress BH Lists relief and detachment from work duties, you can go to interesting workshops or an inspiring show. A company event may be aime at familiarizing employees with new regulations, for example legal ones. Then it should take the form of a training, lecture or conference. Of course, even if the main purpose of a corporate event is eucational, it is worth supplementing it with something lighter, such as a concert or a dance party.

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