This is how Amazon sales have gone in the month of July

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This is how Amazon sales have gone in the month of July. Almost 10k profit. July has gone worse than expected but better than expected. Although the results are good, there is still a very important weight in those products that we still have in inventory and therefore we continue to sell but that we will no longer have at the end of August. Compared to the 65% that was in 2020 in July, that percentage “just” was 59%. wool I don’t get involved if there are no synergies with activities.

Investing in new products

Investing in new products. Just yesterday was a good day. I gained access to the platform of the company that organizes Amazon returns auctions. There is a lot that ends today with a sale value of 16,000 euros. Since these are returns, we have subtracted 70% to have a more realistic figure of what could be obtained for resale. That information will determine job function email list our bid. Being the first auction, we are going to bid a little higher because we want to have the experience of checking the condition of that lot. that I already have If you look at everything I do is related. 

Reaching seven figures in turnover is still possible

Reaching seven figures in turnover is still possible. Thanks to our investor tool, the big objective we have remains possible. Even if we lose our top seller, we have found a way to continue selling it. The idea is to acquire it through individuals. At the level of margin BH Lists and ROI figures, it is the same, the only small detail is that in this case we share the benefits. It is a disadvantage but better to share than not to get anything. MarktMaat is a tool for sellers on Amazon.

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