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Has powerful heatmaps to understand how people behave and use your website. They help you see what people are doing after landing on your web pages, based on which you can make adjustments to your interface. The goal is to make each session more interactive and immersive for your users. Hotjar heatmaps primarily provide a color-coded representation of website elements based on their interactions with the audience. It helps website owners to discover the details that have struck a chord with viewers and helps them understand the part of the website that is not so relevant to the audience. 

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Hotjar allows you to install unlimited clickable, scrollable, and moveable heatmaps. These heatmaps can be compared to others over time and combined to better understand user behavior.   More than 7.5 million users around the world use some form of heatmap new database  provided by . The data set obtained by the heat maps is eventually used to improve the website through , updating important content, restructuring web pages, replacing main links and buttons to create a better user experience. Hotjar’s clientele includes some of the internet bigwigs like , Nintendo, Decathlon, , Panasonic, Microsoft to name a few.  Freshmarketer is another fantastic website that helps to visualize visitor clicks, scrolls and taps on websites. With the help of the heat maps provided by Freshworks, you can identify the elements that grab your audience’s attention and the components that distract them, thus creating a seamless browsing experience.

Traditional heatmaps available on the market.

Freshmarketer, just like its name, offers new and innovative heatmaps that perform much better than the millions of You can view data in real time with the provided tools, unlike conventional heat maps where you have to wait for the data to be processed, wasting precious  BH Lists time and visitors.  Freshmarketer also provides segmented heatmaps to improve website optimization. You can capture and segment visitor interactions by geography, traffic source, and their devices. It helps you create better awareness about your audience and gives you the insight to personalize the experience for all segments.   

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