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Defining my dream client has been a long road for me, and in retrospect I have to admit that I should have listened to Pekka even more closely When you know and know your dream customer, the whole entrepreneurship is a little easier. You always know who you are blogging for. You always know why someone reads your post and why someone would join your online course. And best of all, very often your dream clients become your new friends. 3. Solve the real problem of your dream customer When I first heard this on bulb went off in my head.

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 I realized that as long as the problem exists, that’s the time I have the opportunity new data to help others and generate income from my business. However, this does not mean that I “cheat” customers, but behind everything is a genuine and sincere desire to help them move forward and succeed. Also read this: TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers Let’s think about this for a moment. be in if I had never documented the things I learned on this blog? At what stage would you like to start a blog or start blogging right now? for information? Yes, I will help you solve your blogging problems with my blog.

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Would it be fair if I kept all the information to myself? Neither do BH Lists I. 4. Get started, take the first step It’s easy to just plan and dream about what kind of business you want to build. But it’s another thing to implement that plan. From time to time, I still find myself returning to the old operating model, where I get bogged down in the planning stage. However, with the help of the digital revolution and my new coach Joonas, I have slowly learned to take that first step. In this job, things are usually big entities. Figuring them out is difficult at the beginning and sometimes it feels like there is too much work.

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