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What to choose? These are attractions rather for employees who like an active lifestyle, sports challenges and competition. So not for everyone. Therefore, it is worth considering another way to spend time with employees. Culinary or photography workshops are a great opportunity to gain new skills, broaden your horizons and discover your passion. In addition, our families, when we return from a company trip, will certainly appreciate interesting dishes, the preparation of which we practice under the supervision of a talente chef, or professional photos that from now on we will be able to take even with a regular camera.

Attractions for a company event

Organization of a company trip – fun One of the most interesting, and rarely seen during company trips, entertainment can also be playing together in the mystery room. Getting out of an escape room requires not only the use of gray cells, but also often Latvia Phone Number List some strength or dexterity. This is the perfect challenge for our employees, because it usually takes teamwork to get out of a locke room of puzzles. So we already have elements of team building.

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What attractions for corporate events

Teambuilding – Dwór Korona Karkonosze City games, very fashionable, may also interest our employees. Probably many of them have heard BH Lists of them, but few took part in them. An integration trip is a great opportunity to change that. Importantly, choosing this form of entertainment will allow us to get a taste of big-city life, which can be attractive if our crew lives in a rather smaller town. And even if they already know the city where we will stay, city games will allow them to see a different side of it. The less touristy, less obvious one. There is also a chance to practice using new technologies, as tips during such a game are usually sent to participants via special applications.

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