The steps you should take to find a job in digital marketing starting from scratch

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The steps you should take to find a job in digital marketing starting from scratch. A few months ago I helped a friend get her first digital marketing project from scratch. Her previous acquaintances included running an Instagram account for a former non-profit business. Right now I want to repeat the “play” with a friend who starts from an even slightly more advanced level. Making one pack after another is not the most fun task in the world for a normal person. It motivates me because with each pack I make I can add x euros to the business on Amazon.

Have faith

Have faith. If something is possible in your head, it can happen in reality. It is a belief that I have and that has been proven to be true many times. If you think it is not possible it will be and if you think it is also possible. For some, this phrase may remind them of a famous quote from Henry Ford or Walt Disney (I don’t remember it well now, I’ll let you find email contact list the answer on Google if you don’t know it either). To start you have to believe in the possibility no matter how far you are from the topic. It’s too simple to be true. One pack doesn’t make a difference but 300 in a week (I still have one day left today to get one more shipment this week) or 1,200 in a month does.

Move your ass

Move your ass. Things don’t happen just because you imagine them. At the same time you need to move your ass and fast. You are not the only one who wants to work in digital marketing and you compete BH Lists without experience with many people who already have experience. If you don’t prioritize the topic and dedicate time to it every day you are not going to get anywhere because it is not easy. Small actions can make a difference. It’s just one small step at a time but if you are consistent the distance you will travel after some time has passed is impressive.

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