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 for smaller teams or single teams. Its structure is perfect for projects where close teams can work well together towards a common goal.

On the other hand, SAFe is designed for the enterprise. Large projects often use it because it extends Agile concepts across multiple teams, departments, and even entire enterprises.

In terms of scalability

Both Scrum and SAFe excel at flexibility, but in different us phone number list ways. The simplicity of Scrum allows teams to be fluid and pivot quickly in response to input.

SAFe offers a more organized approach while remaining flexible, ensuring that all areas of a large business stay in alignment even as changes occur.

Scrum is usually made

Scrum has a less steep learning curve and is reasonably simple in terms of complexity. Its accessibility for teams new to Agile benefits from its simplicity.

SAFe is fundamentally more sophisticated because it has BH Lists an enterprise emphasis. With the many levels and responsibilities involved, a deeper understanding and commitment is needed to master it.


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