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Through today’s update, you can provide input with just a click. You can set up an email every week to highlight the portal activity-let customers know the latest conversation and encourage them to stay involved. First, please activate a new weekly abstract email in the email section of the portal. This option automatically sends a custom brand email to all portal users every Monday, which contains statistical information about their personal activities, all portal activities, and the latest ideas and comments.

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With just a single blow, users can view any ideas that attract latest database  their attention and add their feedback. This update applies to all Aha!Roadmap and aha!Idea customer. It is worth noting that once activated, email recipients can control the information they receive every week. They can choose the type of idea that is most interested or cancel the subscription at any time. These emails are specific to the portal-this means that users will receive separate emails from all portals to which they belong.

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 If there is no portal activity recently, no email will be sent. The following is the working principle summarized every week: After sharing the weekly highlights and launching the weekly  BH Lists  email, your portal user will receive the summary shown below. Seeing their activity statistics at the top reminds them that they did not share any feedback last week —— which is a good push for them to be more proactive.

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