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The macro-environment is of key importance when making decisions about entering a given market, because it strongly affects the functioning of the company. The further marketing environment dictates certain phenomena and behaviors over which the company has no influence. However, it is worth being aware of them and assessing them in terms of opportunities and threats. Awareness of threats resulting from the macro-environment enables appropriate preparation for possible crisis situations. On the other hand, knowlege of market opportunities opens the door to great success on the market.

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In order to take full advantage of the opportunities and learn about any risks, it is necessary to analyze the macro-environment in detail. Proper study of the environment is the basis for creating a well-thought-out development strategy . Methods Oman WhatsApp Number List of researching the macro-environment of the enterprise? Analysis of the environment of a further enterprise is a complicate and demanding process. A number of factors that create a complete picture of the macro-environment should be taken into account. Research can be done in several different ways. One of the basic methods is the so-calle PEST analysis. The name of the study is an acronym for four factors.

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Political, political factors; monitoring changes in tax policy, labor law, etc., E – economical, economic and economic factors; knowlege of trends in GDP, tracking inflation, exchange rates, average energy or water costs, S – social, social and demographic BH Lists factors; observation of consumer habits and lifestyle, analysis of demographic data, T – technological, technological factors and trends; constant monitoring of changes in the digital world. Sometimes the PEST analysis is extende by two additional variants: E, environmental,environmental factors, relate to the impact of climate, and L, legal, legal factors, relate to regulations and prohibitions that may affect the company.

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