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Advertising Get the daily newsletter The challenge was digital marketers rely on. Business email address Get MarTech in your inbox. See terms. Attend our events Martech: Martech is Marketing Discover time-saving technologies and actionable tactics that can help you overcome crucial marketing challenges. Start discovering now: MarTech fall Start discovering now: MarTech spring Search Marketing Expo Learn actionable search marketing tactics that can help you drive more traffic leads and revenue. Webinars From Overworked to Optimized: Expert

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And Balanced Team Maximize Intent Signals and Win Customer Loyalty with Cross-Channel Strategies Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About B2B Data but Were Afraid to business database Ask Intelligence reports Enterprise Marketing Attribution and Performance Management Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide Enterprise Account-Based Marketing Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide Enterprise Marketing Work Management Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide Featured white paper 5 Ways to Create Better Customer Experiences with Data

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Low level of conversions per click. But Brainlabs saw an opportunity there. Chance to connect with a new do it when they were deciding to travel. The first thing they BH Lists wanted to do was move beyond people who were going to book a flight anyway. What they wanted were people in a higher income bracket showing intent to travel and also travel internationally. That meant including business travelers and looking beyond people who were searching for Icelandair organically. Screenshot 2023 10 04 At 12.05.47 PM 301×600 However

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