The 6 mistakes to avoid in B2B email marketing

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Tailor your marketing strategy with these strategies: Newsletter: Use a teaser to get your reader’s attention and encourage interaction. Product announcement: Include a clear CTA to invite your readers to click through to your product landing page. Welcome emails: Provide key details to help your readers get started (or get purchasing!) right away. Keep it personal. Transactional emails: Encourage conversation by thanking your customers for their purchase and include personalized recommendations for other products they might like. Reactivation emails: Thank customers for returning and offer them incentives to stay, like discounts.

Effective B2B email marketing

A/B testing for ideal email length AB Testing Barbados Email List split screen on a monitor. We share a lot of content around email inspiration. How to code unique features into emails, and email design best practices. As an email SaaS brand, we’re constantly running A/B tests to improve our emails to send our audience messages they resonate with and enjoy. Our former Senior Email Marketing Manager, Paul Kirby, ran a few A/B tests to determine what Email on Acid’s ideal email length is. Let’s take a look at Paul’s hypothesis, tests, and results. Finally, we’ll leave off with some takeaways. The Hypothesis Paul’s goal was to learn if emails with less than 100 words would earn higher engagement and click-throughs than ones with more than 100 words.

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Techniques to increase your sales

The Test Paul tested multiple emails over two BH Lists months to different list segments. During each test, one email had over 100 words, and the other had less than 100 words. There was approximately a 20-word difference between the two emails (give or take a few), which is about the length of a short paragraph. The Results In the vast majority of the sends, Paul found emails with less than 100 words achieve a higher click-through rate than emails with over 100 words. However, he notes the difference wasn’t always significant. While the results aren’t 100% conclusive, they suggest our shorter emails can achieve more click-throughs.


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