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Extra time and effort from copywriters designers and web developers but for big campaigns it may certainly be worth it. In fact there’s a good chance your email segments reflect the audiences you’re targeting with paid ads and social promotions. So you can drive that traffic to custom landing pages too. The next level is personalization. Research from salesforce found that 99% of marketers plann to maintain or increase their personalization budget. But while 95% of those survey are personalizing emails only 50% are personalizing the website. Just like emails landing pages can also be personaliz.

Screenshots of Your Email

Depending on the tools in your martech stack you may be able to add a customer’s or subscriber’s name to the landing page copy. Better yet you could send them to a landing page with personaliz product recommendations or content. Measuring email and landing page performance: keeping track of opens and clicks might tell you how well the email perform but they aren’t a good measure of a successful connection between what happens in the inbox b2b email list and on the website. For that you’ll want to measure the conversion rate which tells the story of what happens after an open and a click. The report inbox insights 2023 from mailjet by sinch found that opens and clicks top the list of email metrics consider most important for measuring success.

From Each of Those

Conversion rate came in third place with 26% of respondents saying it was a top three email metric. Inbox insights 2023 email metrics chart: what qualifies as a conversion will depend on the action you expect subscribers to take once they reach the landing page. Using the three examples from earlier in this email a conversion for clay’s product launch email would be new signups. A conversion BH Lists for the asanas email would have been registrations before the event and then video plays and/or social mia shares after the event. A conversion for the nhcs allergy campaign would be adding any of those products to the cart and purchasing them.

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