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Each InCommerce is a large dose. Of up-to-date knowlge about online sales. The theme of the upcoming ition is building resistance to crises by e-businesses. – was a breakthrough year for the retail industry. The ongoing lockdown and numerous restrictions. Have accelerat the development of e-commerce to a level that would normally be reach for many years. Unfortunately. The growing inflation. The geopolitical situation, as well as the return. Of some consumers to stationary shopping and the intensifying competition meant that the e-commerce market began to decline after two years of intensive growth.

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We want to talk about the challenges currently facing. E-business and how to deal with them – says Adam Cieśla, COO at Sempai, co-organizer of InCommerce. Invit guests – Lech Biernat (Olza Logistic), Diana Drobniak (AtomStore. Dawid  Dąbrowski (onelectro. Sebastian Puchała (Sempai) and. Robert Marczak (takaoto) – will whatsapp mobile number list alk about their activities. In the field of sales, marketing and logistics in e- commerce and will show you how to prepare your store to prevent crises or minimize their effects. – I am glad that we manag to attract experts. And practitioners operating in various areas of the online sales market to this year’s InCommerce.

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Our idea since the first ition of the event in is to provide. of e-commerce in the form of open interactive meetings, during which participants have the opportunity to talk to specialists and representatives of e-business. And although both online itions from and turn out to be a success, I must admit that after the pandemic break. I am looking forward to direct contact and networking over coffee with people from our industry – says Łukasz Plutecki, CEO of AtomStore. Originator of the event . Participation in the event is free of charge, however, due to the limit number of places, the organizers BH Lists ask for prior registration at sevenea plplwydarzenieincommerce Registration for InCommerce has just start.

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