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Are you a professional or an amateur ? What does it mean to be a professional or what obligations do I have as a professional? Have you ever thought about these questions? To start 2018 I want to do it with a post that I have wanted to write for a long time. Nowadays we are all professionals in something, but in reality it is not that way. You are someone Real examples of what it is not to be a professional. Mistakes that you should avoid if you are a freelancer and do not want to damage your personal and professional brand. Well, I’m starting the year with a cool post.

It's not that I want to

Hurt anyone, but the truth is that in 2017 I have had several disappointments with services contracted from other independent professionals and I think it is time to company data talk about this. One cannot see things wrong and continue as if nothing had happened. Patting people on the back and saying that “you’re very good” or “you’re great” is very easy. They are only deceiving you and in the long run it is your service as a professional and brand that is damaged. If you follow this blog regularly you know that I like to say things as I see and experience them . I do not seek to be politically correct, but to talk about issues that few touch on in a sincere and real way. That they make us reflect and that in the long run they can help us improve as professionals.

You are someone this post is

Of some use to you and helps you identify and correct possible less positive aspects of the services you offer. I speak about my experiences, and until today the truth is that BH Lists they have not been very good. It cannot be generalized, but the truth is that I have already tried several times to hire external services from other professionals and my experience has not been pleasant at all. Mainly, for the previous point. The service has not been of poor quality, but they have never delivered within the stipulated deadlines. And I’m not talking about a week’s delay, but weeks or months. And after testing with several “professionals” I have come to the conclusion that the job bubble in digital marketing has done a lot of damage to this profession.

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