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Live3D is a complete  package that attempts to provide an all-in-one solution for VTubers.

 on Windows and macOS, has a number of features that make it a unique choice for anyone trying to break into the VTubing scene.

It has excellent face tracking, ensuring that your virtual avatar replicates your facial expressions and body movements accurately.

Live3D, which runs

Advanced face and hand tracking phone lists technology is used, which only requires a regular camera to be set up to do this.

In addition, Live3D has a skillful VRM model editor where you can import your own VRM models and backgrounds. You can also personalize your avatar by adding decorations, paint, and even your own animations.

VTuber software

To make your VTubing experience as vibrant as possible BH Lists the program offers a robust collection of assets that include overlays and backgrounds.

For people without artistic talent, Live3D provides a number of public 3D VTuber avatars that can be easily used. In addition, it provides a Twitch Extension, which aims to improve your stream interactivity and even make it possible to earn a little.

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