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So trips as part of work, for example on Thursday and Friday for training, and Saturday and Sunday can be additionally planne individually. It may turn out that such a mini vacation is a great bonus that will become part of our blood over time. A corporate integration event is the best form of strengthening bonds and better getting to know people who are to work together. This is always a great opportunity to show what we are really intereste in.

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It is also an opportunity to reiscover our colleagues, their passions and ideas for spending time together. A change of environment and a friendly atmosphere often releases the spirit of freeom, allows you to open up a bit and talk about things you Philippines Phone Number List don’t have time for at work. For the boss, it is also an opportunity to meet employees from a different perspective. And perhaps discover hidden talents that could be useful in the company? If only we choose the right attractions for corporate events , events cannot go wrong.

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Organization of corporate events step by step July 18, 2022 Office party A company that wants to achieve spectacular successes on the market nees a well-coordinate, well-functioning team. But how to build a strong employee group? One BH Lists of the interesting solutions is the regular organization of company events. What are the benefits of such events? How to prepare them? What are the benefits of organizing corporate events? Team building tasks Organization of corporate events with elements of team building Employer branding The image of the employer.

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