The danger of only complying with legal requirements when selling online

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In this last phase of sales, prices fluctuate a lot and what would not have been profitable to sell a week ago suddenly becomes a top seller with an attractive margin. The key after Christmas sales end on January 7 will be to make product lists and sales estimates for the next season. We have missed out on many sales because we did not plan our purchases well.

My last disastrous online shopping experience The danger of only

The danger of only complying with legal requirements when selling online. It turns out top industry data that my wife and I recently ordered a refrigerator, an oven and a washing machine online. This is the second or even third time we have ordered from that seller and the first few times everything went great. In this case not so much. The oven arrived with the glass broken and the refrigerator with a knock on the door. It has been a transportation issue. The first mistake on our part was not having received the merchandise in person. 

How to deal with these cases with client when selling online

There have been a lot of fights on BH Lists the phone. I have been very disappointed that this seller has simply left us stranded due to a “formal” failure. It is clear that at a legal level we cannot do anything , but it is evident that we have purchased a product that was not in a good condition.  businesses and problems are inevitable.

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