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Using programmatic in the usual way — getting a brand’s name and value proposition in front of a lot of people — wasn’t going to cut it. Brainlabs wanted to do this in a way that delivered on the only KPI that mattered: bookings. That required getting dynamic creative in front of the desired audience at the right moment. And that is no easy thing to do. So Brainlabs turned to its tech partner Scibids. Using AI Scibids makes it possible to use DSPs’ custom bidding function. Custom bidding models When you put an AI

Provider like Scibids

Over the bid function we are able to create custom bidding models that are buying on behalf of that advertiser and the advertiser only said Nadia Gonzalez CMO of Scibids a DoubleVerify company. So it’s not your sort of off-the-shelf b2b leads optimization that a DSP would provide for you which is great for most advertisers. But if you want to take things to the next level like Icelandair you need the ability to say I want an outcome or a KPI that’s not found in the DSP. They wanted to maximize online flight bookings at the lowest cost she

The conversion

Low level of conversions per click. But Brainlabs saw an opportunity there — a chance to connect with a new do it when they were deciding to travel. The first thing they BH Lists wanted to do was move beyond people who were going to book a flight anyway. What they wanted were people in a higher income bracket showing intent to travel and also travel internationally. That meant including business travelers and looking beyond people who were searching for Icelandair organically. Screenshot 2023 10 04 At 12.05.47 PM 301×600 However

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