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Therefore, before starting cooperation with a specific team of specialists, it is worth analyzing their portfolio. Check who they have starte cooperation with in recent months and analyze their online presence. Remember that social meia and clients’ websites are the showcase of a digital agency. Therefore, check if they attract attention and gather engage audience. Customer reviews and testimonials If a digital agency has been operating on the market for some time, it certainly has a number of opinions that have been issue by its previous clients.

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On their basis, you can not only receive additional information about those cooperations that have not been include in the portfolio, but also do initial research on the agency’s approach to its clients. If there are favorable opinions about the company Sri-Lanka Phone Number List online, you can also ask for references. These are personalize opinions in which there is a recommendation of a specific brand along with brief information about the activities performe. This is the most reliable way to check the digital agency’s approach to clients, because such references are often provide with company names and stamps.

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Preparation of the brief When you decide to work with a specific digital agency, check all the elements that you will be aske about in the brief. Make sure that you have a precisely define type of customer who is your persona and the target group of your BH Lists products and services. If you perform these tasks correctly, the digital agency can go much more efficiently to perform its duties and start activities aime at promoting your brand online. A digital agency allows you to increase brand awareness on the Internet.

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