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However, an unsubscribe rate can certainly be too. High and have a negative impact on email deliverability. If mailbox providers see. That lots of people don’t want to hear from you anymore. That’s a signal that you may be acting like a spammer. It’s not uncommon to see a few unsubscribes with every campaign. But your unsubscribe rate should be no more than a fraction of a percent. If you start to see an unsubscribe rate near 0.5%, that’s a good time to clean your list to. Remove inactive subscribers and try to increase email engagement with strong subject lines and compelling email content.

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Spam scores There has to be some sort Argentina Email List of tipping point. When mailbox providers decide a message qualifies as spam. Mailbox providers and spam filters do this by assigning a score to emails. Which essentially rates the likelihood of it being spam. Different filters and ISPs have proprietary methods for assigning a spam score, but they basically work the same way. There are different spam signals that count against your spam score, and after it crosses a certain threshold, the message gets quarantined. In some cases, doing something right may also bring down your spam score. One of the most popular spam filters is SpamAssassin, which is an open-source solution from Apache.

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Its scoring process is pretty straightforward. Spam BH Lists Assassin conducts hundreds of tests to check for factors such as email authentication protocols, suspicious links, invalid message IDs, missing MIME sections, and spammy terms. A positive score is applied if the test result indicates a likelihood of spam. A negative score or no score is applied if there’s no sign of spam, or you’re doing things right. All those individual test results are added up to create the spam score. The higher it is, the greater the likelihood of spam. The default threshold for a SpamAssassin score is “5” with a “10” being the highest. The spam filter Barracuda has a similar scoring system.


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