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This mechanism can be implemente in many different ways using different tools. What are the types and tools of sales promotion? Do you want to increase sales in your company? We can help you! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you 2 types of sales promotion Sales promotion can be carrie out in two different ways – according to the pull or push strategy . Pull strategy, the strategy of attracting, consists in directing the promotion directly.  To the consumer in order to build loyalty and enroll in his awareness. Thanks to the promotion, the customer decides to buy the product.

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Thus, he hopes to find it in retail stores. As a consequence, retailers have to buy from wholesalers who source from the manufacturer. Push strategy is an aggressive promotion of goods that first go to wholesalers, then to retailers and only to Paraguay WhatsApp Number List consumers. It’s creating a kind of promotional chain that will ultimately lead to sales. The push strategy is most often use in the case of everyday products, where the brand does not matter much – consumers do not pay attention to it. Sales promotion forms and tools Depending on the chosen strategy, one of the 3 forms of sales promotion is use.

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These are promotions: consumer – addresse directly to consumers.  The most popular and the most varie model, the purpose of which is to encourage potential customers to purchase.  Commercial – addresse to intermeiaries, its purpose is to encourage them BH Lists to sell and promote products of a given manufacturer, internal – addresse to employees, its idea is to motivate employees to work effectively. Each form is implemente through selecte sales promotion tools. Sales promotion tools for consumer promotion The promotional campaign addresse directly to consumers is aime at encouraging them to take advantage of the brand’s offer. As part of the implementation of this idea, various incentives can be use.

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