Opportunities that August offers you

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Opportunities that August offers you. Right now I am in the second phase of my vacation in the mountains of Austria. It is the third of seven days of vacation. Nothing exaggerated but just the amount of time I can manage without doing much. In fact, I think that this year the feeling of “vacation stress” is practically non-existent. Curiously, I have even more projects that right now still don’t have much importance but they are all related to Amazon.

Spend more time with friends and family

Spend more time with friends and family. The holidays invite you to spend more time with friends and family. In fact, this year we are spending these holidays again with my wife’s brother’s family. In the mornings each one makes top people data their own route but the afternoons we usually spend together. We don’t do much either but just spending time with them is nice. Ebay or my own online store. With the passage of time I have realized that I can dedicate myself to many different topics as long as one thing is related to the other. 

Spend more time with you

Spend more time with you. Maybe having more time in August is also a good time to reflect on what you are doing. Am I where I want to be? If not the BH Lists case. Am I doing everything necessary to get to that point? There are many events and information that influence us every day and that want to take control over our behavior. Whether it’s the news, advertising or the people around us. The only exception to the rule is possibly investment in real estate, which undoubtedly has little to do with the rest.

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