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planner, Mayday offers a more personalized and intelligent way to organize your day than standard calendar management.

Mayday is an AI assistant and calendar all in one that tries to help you manage, protect and spend your time more wisely.

your recording patterns and preferences over time and find the “Ideal Times” for whatever you record is one of its unique abilities.

Mayday has it figured out whether you’re trying to maximize meetings, focus on projects, or maintain flexibility for both solo and group work.

Even complicated scheduling with others is handled by it, taking into account different time zones and competing┬ápriorities, so you don’t have to.


The ability to recognize

Your team’s “True Availability” is used by Mayday’s AI telemarketing lists algorithms to suggest the best times to schedule meetings.

Mayday gets more informative and useful as more team members use it, including everyone’s schedules and preferences.

In addition, Mayday offers an “Auto-Scheduled Tasks” function, which automatically maintains and arranges items in your calendar.

The software uses intelligent analysis of your calendar to assign blocks of time that are secure, preventing your schedule from filling up with appointments.

Other features include widgets for iOS, iPad, and Mac, Smart Tags for event classification, and natural language event generation.

An AI-driven daily


Phon Nambar List

The Clockwise daily planner is a game changer if you’re looking for more than just BH Lists management.┬áThis software with AI-powered scheduling features is designed to help you make the most of each workday.

Its ability to understand your work preferences and productivity patterns is one of its unique features.

Clockwise then uses these insights to create a more intelligent schedule that supports you to produce your best work each day.

But what really sets Clockwise apart is its emphasis on establishing uninterrupted “Focus Time” chunks.

The technology automatically moves flexible meetings to the most productive times using AI algorithms, reducing disagreements and freeing up a lot of time for deep work.

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