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You’re running a re-engagement campaign. 1. You’re transferring data between CRMs. Having bad CRM data can negatively affect your marketing campaigns’ ROI, kill sales productivity, and waste money. According to Gartner, “Organizations lose $13.3 Million yearly on average on poor data.” 2. You’re switching ESPs. The same process goes for switching from one ESP to another: clean your data! You’ll want to separate active from inactive subscribers. This allows you to create a reactivation campaign at your current ESP.

Email Marketing Benefits of sending

You’re adding or switching to a Cameroon Email List CDP. Before you gather your data with a CDP, you’ll want to ensure that you maintain updated and accurate data. Whether you’re new to your role and inheriting a bunch of data sources that need to be organized, or you’re ready to discover new segments, build models, and deliver real-time personalization, cleaning your list should be high up on your to-do list. 4. You’ve acquired new emails. Anytime you gather new email addresses, it’s crucial to make sure they are legitimate. This helps you avoid any issues down the road. 5. You’re running a re-engagement campaign.

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Call to action and periodicity in email

Before you start sending out your “we miss you” emails to BH Lists your inactive email subscribers, clean your list to help you weed out spam traps and other threats. How often should I clean my lists? In a perfect world, your email lists should always be in tip-top shape, but we all know it’s not that easy. We recommend cleaning your lists every quarter. Like spring cleaning, changing your clothes depending on the season, or cleaning up the leaves before the winter months, you should remember to clean your lists regularly and often.


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