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 supports hand and gesture detection as well, allowing you to activate emotions and animations with simple hand gestures.

gains even another level of interactivity and realism as a result.

In addition, VTube Studio has a special object system that allows you to import and add accessories such as glasses or animated PNGs to your Live2D model.

Your virtual character

These props provide a very personal buy phone lists experience as they each have their own tracking and hotkeys. With its online multiplayer option, VTube Studio has you covered if you enjoy teamwork.

Your Steam friends’ models and stuff will appear instantly in your VTube Studio interface when you invite them to participate in co-op sessions.

This is achieved with minimal time, guaranteeing an interesting and exciting experience for each player. 

However, the program

Another unique feature is its robust Plugin System, which allows developers to add their own plugins .

It follows that you can use Twitch contributions to trigger animations or emotes, or even use a game controller to operate your model.

In terms of compatibility, VTube Studio allows face tracking via a webcam using OpenSeeFace or by using an iPhone or Android smartphone that is connected as a face tracker.

A phone that supports BH Lists Google ARCore is required for Android and a smartphone with FaceID or an Apple A12 or newer processor is required for iOS.

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