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Look at all strategic conversions for the company, giving due emphasis to those that generate real sales opportunities . — Guilherme, so you’re saying that only the bottom of the funnel matters? No, dear reader! What I mean is that you ne to look at conversions in qualitative and quantitative terms . It’s not enough to generate lots of leads . You must generate qualifi leads for sales! And, to generate a good number of qualifi leads for sales, it is necessary to work on conversions well at all stages of the funnel ! How to measure and optimize Digital Marketing channels> You will be able to do this by continuously monitoring metrics and implementing improvements.

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Here Are .Some Tips .Establish Kpis .Define Key .Performance .Indicators (Kpis) Relat to the Conversion Rate and That .Offer. Insights. into .The. Performance .Of .Your. Digital .Marketing .Strategy. Some examples of useful KPIs for this context are: Leads generat; Sales to leads ratio; CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) . Analyze data and make decisions None of this is valuable if you don’t follow developments closely. Therefore, regularly analyze the data from your pages and campaigns. In addition to tracking the overall conversion rate, it’s important to dig deeper and evaluate the data at more detail levels.

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Such as by channel, device, audience segment and geographic location. This in-depth analysis can reveal great opportunities for improvement! Convert more with Orgânica! The conversion rate is a fundamental indicator for success in Digital Marketing ! By understanding how to calculate it and what strategies can be appli to increase it, you will be more prepar to achieve an increasingly greater ROI and an increasingly smaller CAC ! Here at Orgânica, we have proven experience with this — whether for the agency’s own results or contributing to our clients’ success stories.

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