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Thanks to the obtaine funds, she was able to achieve many public benefit goals and provide individual assistance to all those most in nee. How to use the help? Each person struggling with multiple sclerosis can join the sub-account program, which allows you to collect funds for therapy. The sub-account program is completely free. The charge does not bear any costs for setting up and maintaining a sub-account. The Foundation does not charge commissions or handling fees from patients. Patients do not have to settle accounts with the Tax Office.

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Everything is handle by the representatives of the Foundation. Funds from the sub-account can be spent on: drugs and supplements to alleviate the course of the disease, pharmacy articles supporting therapy and normal functioning of the patient, dermocosmetics, meical services, including visits to all specialists as well as imaging and Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List laboratory tests, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports services – including rehabilitation stays, stays in meical centers and hospitals, rehabilitation and sports equipment, adapting the apartment, car and equipment to the nees of a disable person, costs of transporting a sick person by private car for stays, meical visits, purchase of tickets, legal assistance.

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Computer hardware and software, trade press, household appliances and electronics to help the sick person perform everyday activities, eucational courses, trainings, studies and other events/meetings/workshops increasing BH Lists the chances of a sick person on the labor market. The Good Returns Foundation is aware of the unpreictability of the course of the disease. Therefore, it allows the possibility of financing other nees of patients on.  The basis of appropriate certificates – meical, rehabilitation, individual applications and others.

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