How to do it step by step

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That includes the language and schema that helps make things work in problematic Outlook inboxes. com:office:office”> HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and plays well with CSS and Javascript (although keep in mind that Javascript is not supporte in email). It’s intende to give users an all-in-one option to code email templates and add animation, music, videos, and more. HTML5 has wide support across email clients.

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In fact, Gmail only supports HTML5 doctype Comoros Email List declarations and will render all of your emails, regardless of doctype declarations, with HTML5. However, sometimes the HTML5 doctype adds an extra space under your images. You can correct spacing issues by adding a display block to your image, as shown in the example code below: What are the HTML 4.01 doctypes? We recommend that you use one of the following HTML 4.01 doctypes if your HTML email template is coded in HTML 4.01. However, note that HTML 4.01 isn’t use much, and may not be support (or get switche) in email clients like Gmail. There are three Strict includes all HTML elements.

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How to do it step by step

However, it excludes HTML elements that have been BH Lists deprecate or appear in frameset doctype. Its doctype declaration is as follows:  What’s the client support like for doctype? As we mention above, support for HTML email doctype varies across email clients. Check out the chart below to see which major email clients support HTML doctype declarations. First, you can’t avoid it. Many email clients strip your doctype and either impose their own or leave it out entirely. Here’s a breakdown: Email Clients Doctype support? Gmail Only accepts HTML5 doctype, will automatically render your doctype as HTML5 Apple.

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