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Staying connected with loved ones in the Philippines shouldn’t break the bank. Luckily, there are several options to make free calls to the Philippines, whether you’re calling from abroad or using a different service provider within the country. Here’s your ultimate guide to free calls to the Philippines:

Free Calling Apps

Viber: This popular app offers high-quality calls and texts, with many users in the Philippines. Viber Out allows free calls to landlines and mobiles for a limited duration each month. Check their latest plan for the Philippines.

Other Options

WeChat: Similar to Viber, WeChat provides free calls and texts between app users. If your contacts in the Philippines use WeChat, you can chat and call for free.

Free Calling Websites

Websites like Rebtel or FreedomPop offer free trials or limited free minutes to the Philippines. Explore these options, keeping in mind any potential limitations after the free trial.

Promotional Offers

Some phone companies and mobile service providers in the Philippines occasionally offer free call promotions. If you have a friend or family m How to Encourage More Employees ember with a Philippine phone number, they can check for any ongoing promos that might benefit you.

Things to Consider

Data Usage: While the calls themselves might be free, using apps like Viber or WeChat requires an internet connection. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi conn How to Look for Someone on Various Platforms ection or a data plan that can handle voice calls.

Call Quality: Free calling services may experience occasional lag or dropped calls. Consider this factor if you need crystal-clear call quality for important conversations.

Hidden Fees: Double-check any free calling service for potential hidden fees like connection charges or per-minute rates after exceeding the free limit.

Bonus Tip:

Call Waiting

Coordinate with your contact in the Philippines to utilize call waiting. If one line gets busy, the call automatically goes to the waiting line, maximizing your chances of connecting for free.

By following these tips and exploring the available free calling options, you can stay connected with your loved ones in the Philippines without spending a fortune. Remember, a little research and planning can go a long way in saving money on international calls.

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