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Missing your family and friends back home in the Philippines? Longing for a chat without the worry of international call charges? Fear not! This guide explores various ways to make calls to the Philippines from China, keeping your budget in mind.

Traditional Methods

Landline Calls: Calling a Philippine landline from China using your mobile phone provider’s international calling plan is straightforward. However, these plans can be expensive. Consider checking for specific China-Philippines calling rates with your provider.

Calling Cards: Purchasing a pre-paid calling card specifically for calls to the Philippines might offer better rates than your standard calling plan. Research various calling card providers online or at convenience stores to find the most cost-effective option.

Modern Solutions for Budget-Conscious Callers

Mobile Apps: Leverage the power of free calling apps like Viber and WeChat. These apps are widely used in the Philippines, allowing free voice calls between users with a stable internet connection. Make sure both you and your contact have the app downloaded and are connected to Wi-Fi for optimal call quality.

Calling Apps with Paid Options

Apps like Rebtel or KeepCalling offer free trials or limited free minutes to the Philippines. After the free period, they switch to a pay-per-minute model, often with competitive rates compared to traditional phone plans.

regular phone plans. Research different VOIP providers to find one with strong network coverage in the Philippines.

Tips to Maximize Your Savings

VOIP Services: Explore Voice Over Inte Educating Employees About Workplace rnet Protocol (VOIP) providers like Sipbroker or Localphone. These services allow calls using your internet connection, potentially offering lower rates than

Call During Off-Peak Hours

International calls are often che Check the Mobile: A Comprehensive Guide aper at night or on weekends. Consider adjusting your calling schedule to take advantage of lower rates.

Group Calls

Calling multiple people in the Philippines at once through a video call app like Viber or Skype can be more cost-effective than individual calls.

Free Wi-Fi: Utilize free Wi-Fi hotspots like cafes or libraries to avoid data charges when using calling apps.


Exit Code: Dial the exit code for China (usually 00 or +86) before the Philippine country code (+63) and the local phone number.
Research Rates: Compare rates between different providers before committing to a specific option.

By exploring these options and utilizing the provided tips, you can stay connected with loved ones in the Philippines without breaking the bank. Happy calling.

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