How to Balance Security and Access in Information Security

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Here’s how the LGBTQIA+ community wants brands to treat them. Rethinking “Rainbow Washing” Rainbow washing occurs when companies use the colors of the rainbow on their logos, products, websites, etc. to show their support for the queer community. Of intentions, so many brands have also jumped on the bandwagon that queer individuals are now putting more scrutiny on brands and the performance they support, doing their best to find out Which brands are actually taking considerable steps to support the queer community. The queer community—not those who create pride paraphernalia just for profit.

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As we strive to move beyond the rainbow of marketing campaigns during June, marketers should raise their awareness that at all other times they can send relevant and important appeal to this group of people. LGBTQIA+ individuals celebrate Canada Phone Number Data anniversaries, weeks, and months throughout the year as a community keen on frequent events to raise awareness and work toward full political and social equality. You can make a bigger impact during one of the many other celebrations or anniversaries than with performative marketing that gets lost in saturation during Pride month.

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Health Awareness Week

Learn more Annual LGBTQIA+ (last week of March) International Transgender Visibility Day Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20) World AIDS Day (December 1) Support diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace Queer people want equality, safety and visibility in the workplace. According to, “Studies show BH Lists that between 15 and 43 percent of gay people have experienced some form of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.” Additionally, Entrepreneur reports that when it comes to companies’ initiatives to support diversity At the time, LGBTQIA+ individuals expressed their desire to see brands protect their queer employees rather than pander to performative behaviour.

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