How often do you email clients?

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Typing h2+p+ol>li would transform into:Check out a comprehensive cheat sheet for Emmet abbreviations from the plugin’s official documentation. Cool coding tricks with Emmet Obviously, coding with Emmet can get a lot more complex than those basic examples. Shannon took things up a notch by showing us a few other capabilities. You can quickly add multiple HTML tags at once. Just use the star or asterisk symbol along with the abbreviation followed by the number and it will multiply the tag that many times. For example, p*3 would produce three paragraph tags in a row. Typing ul>li*3 and hitting Tab would generate an unordered bullet list with three items: Shannon says this helps her out when she needs to add multiple paragraphs to include disclaimer text in UHC emails.

Email Marketing into your business model

But this handy trick could be used in lots of Belgium Email List situations, such as email newsletters that have repeating blocks of code. Using curly brackets with Emmet allows you to add content to HTML tags as you code. Shannon showed us how she quickly used h2{title} to generate <h2>title</h2>. This may not seem like a huge time-saver, but it’s nine keystrokes instead of 14. That’s going to add up, and the better you get at using Emmet the more efficient you’ll become. You can also use square brackets to add attributes such as alt text for your images. Shannon went on to show us how to add classes and IDs with Emmet shortcuts. There’s even a shortcut for adding lorem ipsum placeholder text with Emmet.

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Is email marketing dying within digital marketing?

Using code snippets with Emmet and Dreamweaver This is where BH Lists Emmet can really help you code faster and more efficiently. Beyond the standard abbreviations, you can build shortcuts for reusable code snippets in your emails. If you’re using an editor that supports snippet libraries (which Dreamweaver and Parcel do), you can customize the Emmet experience for your brand and coding preferences. After you create a reusable snippet, you can assign a trigger key to that reusable code so you can insert it into your email super-fast.


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