How Icelandair used programmatic

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First After the pandemic they had to change a lot of flight routes because of border rules said Anjlee Majmudar VP of programmatic for the airline’s digital marketing partner Brainlabs North America. As a result they had difficu making sure that all of the seats were filled. Not only booking flights but making sure that all the seats within the flights were filled and fully optimized. And second In Iceland we’re one of the biggest companies in the country said Jóhann Benediktsson digital marketing manager Icelandair. In the markets where most of our marketing takes place we are a quite small player with a budget that’s a fraction of what

Our competitors

Have. So every dollar counts. In short they needed to maximize bookings without spending a lot of money. They chose an unusual lty b2b email list channel for this: programmatic advertising. Up until then the company had put most of its efforts into search and social media. Dig deeper: Bid shading costing advertisers $6.6 billion yearly Programmatic drawbacks Programmatic is kind of the shotgun method where you’re trying to reach a large enough audience to build brand awareness said Benediktsson. It has a much lower level of clicks and also a

Audience and

Low level of conversions per click. But Brainlabs saw an opportunity there — a chance to connect with a new do it when they were deciding to travel. The first thing they BH Lists wanted to do was move beyond people who were going to book a flight anyway. What they wanted were people in a higher income bracket showing intent to travel and also travel internationally. That meant including business travelers and looking beyond people who were searching for Icelandair organically. Screenshot 2023 10 04 At 12.05.47 PM 301×600 However

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