How Google Trends works

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Even in these cases it is advisable to manage the searches in order to obtain a broad comparison over time. So you can be sure that you are dealing with a robust, full-boditopic. Manage e-commerce products Thanks to the ability to filter search terms on Google Shopping you can get detail information on searches for certain products . This way you get several more clarifications and indications regarding what to add to your e-commerce, what to remove or update. Before making a decision, however, I recommend also doing a search in the standard web section of Google Trends.

Clearly if the trend has a virtuous trend you are

Update outdat content If you are about to review the itorial calendar, and update old content, these reflections on themes that remain constant over time can help you decide which posts or web pages to update. Clearly if the trend has a virtuous new data  trend you are almost oblig to review the resource. In order to present it in the best possible way to readers. But there is also another factor to evaluate. google time searches I’m talking about seasonality.

With these guidelines you can start determining

Thanks to Google Trends you can intercept topics that have peaks only in certain periods of the year, remaining almost flat for the rest of the 12 months. With these guidelines you can start determining when to publish certain content. And if you have already done it the previous year, establish the times to update, rewrite and republish what the public nes. Intercept trend topics When  BH Lists you have the possibility of being present on Google News, it is important to have clear information on how the public’s queries procewith respect to current topics.

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