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Among them we will mention: country and region, climatic zone, political arrangement, legal system. Do you want your company to stand out from the competition? We know how to help you! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Dimensions of the environment of the further enterprise The company’s further environment is divide into several dimensions: natural -climate, raw materials; for a software company, environmental factors will not be of much importance, while the activity of a coal mining company depends on natural conditions.

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Economic – inflation rate, exchange rates, economic growth; economic factors affect the development of the enterprise, legal -. the Labor Code, tax law; the law regulates employer-employee relations or affects the amount of taxation, political – economic Norway WhatsApp Number List system, state system, political system; sometimes changes in laws can affect the operation of the company, sociocultural – culture, traditions, norms, values; the sociocultural dimension may condition the behavior of employees, demographic – demographic pyramid; an important point when introducing new products or services to the market (checking the market potential), technical and technological.

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Technological innovations, new production methods, new devices; the operation of many enterprises (especially electronics manufacturers) is strongly dependent on technological development, if they do not adapt to innovation, they can quickly lose their BH Lists stable positions, international – pandemics, supply shocks; negative events and phenomena of a global nature can greatly hinder the normal functioning of a company, even a local one. We recommend Business strategy – your source of competitive advantage Why analyze the macro-environment?

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