What is Growth Driven Design?

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The benefits and strategies for applying gdd to building or revising your website. Whether you are designing your new site or are evaluating changes. And improvements, you cannot fail to take these two ingredients. Into consideration: graphics and user experience . Mixed in a wise and balanced way, they will create a combination of site design and marketing. An approach that allows you to develop your site. To make it productive already during the configuration phase. If you are already doing this, you are using the growth driven design method. Rather than creating the entire project. This strategy takes advantage of the user experience to. In a certain sense, create the site from time to time , precisely based on the user’s response.

What is Growth Driven Design?

This is an alternative method . New Data Applicable in a short time, of building and improving the website . On the one hand it can be considered as an approach to site maintenance. A kind of constant control, an action in small stages . To calculate the risks and costs that a classic web project would entail. On the other hand as a construction and surveillance approach that lasts over time. Therefore, you don’t create a site in its entirety and renovate it after a certain number of years. But you create a test site, already functioning and ready to be put online . On this draft site, with growth driven design, instant changes are implemented . How is it possible to do all this? Through tests , insights and research on user experience . In short, based on user behavior.

What are the advantages of Growth Driven Design?

In general, the strength of this innovative approach. BH Lists Is to reduce the initial investment. And, at the same time, conform the site directly to the attitude of consumers . To shape it to their needs and so sell. Great benefits for your business, right? Yet you can also take advantage of other benefits: Continuous improvement . Using growth driven design will allow you to apply a strategy . Of continuous improvement of the site. Keeping it at a constant positive value; Decreased risk. With gdd you no longer have the risk of investing in a big project without knowing if it will work. Constantly monitoring the performance of the site. And improving it in accordance with real user data limits risks in general; Proceed by evolutionary steps. Thinking in small steps guarantees you a better. More incisive result and greater awareness thanks to feedback.

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