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Find out where a given group spends the most time online  Facebook, Instagram. And what their buying path looks like  do they first look for information about a given product in Google search. Interestingly, the latest report “E-commerce in Poland ” shows that as many. As of respondents would shop online more often if prices were lower there than in a brick-and-mortar store and if the cost of delivery was significantly lower. The same study shows that as many as of shoppers. Would be more willing to shop online thanks to discount codes.

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What discourages them. Of respondents indicate a long delivery of products. And as many as claim that intrusive advertisements of previously view products effectively discourage them from shopping. Store advertising on Google Annual consumer behavior  surveys show that the Google search engine is still the most Latest Mailing Database frequently us search engine for specific products and services. Its market share is over , which is why it is so important that your business advertisement is also there. Admit it, how many times have you enter a phrase in the search engine relat to the item you plan to buy and how often did you end up buying it? Well, that’s it – good visibility on the web and appropriate advertising is a greater chance that a potential customer will find your store.

Latest Mailing Database

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An from there it’s just a step away from making a purchase. So how to promote an online store? your online store. Here are the three most popular variants Text advertising This is a fairly quick way to  promote an online store for individual category names or articles of specific manufacturers. All you ne to do is choose BH Lists the best-ranking keywords and phrases most often enter by the recipients in the Google search engine, relat to a specific product or product category.

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