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Its idea is to gain an advantage by minimizing direct and overhead costs. In other words, it is the achievement of a privilege cost position in relation to market rivals. Thanks to this, it is possible to attract consumers with a lower, encouraging price of the products offere, without reucing their quality. Acting according to the cost leadership strategy aims to reuce expenses, base on full cost optimization , financial control and experience. In the cost leadership strategy, it is crucial to minimize expenses in the area of ​​research and development, production, advertising, sales and service.

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At the same time, the reuction of costs may not reflect on the quality of the products or services offere. The product/service must stand out at a similar level to those offere by market rivals. Only then will it be acceptable to buyers. In the cost leadership Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List strategy, the company focuses on customers who are most important to its success in the market, while avoiding those who do not contribute much. Cost leadership – is it worth pursuing? Skilfully use cost leadership strategy leads to the achievement of the leading position in production at low costs.

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If a company manages to develop and maintain cost leadership, it will achieve above-average profits, even in the presence of strong competitive forces. What’s more, cost leadership gives the company a guarantee of profits even when competitors BH Lists lose theirs due to the results of market competition. Cost leadership is also an excellent protection against suppliers, and especially against a volatile pricing policy. This is due to the high flexibility with increases in the prices of raw materials and components. We recommend Porter’s five forces analysis – how to use it.

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