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Currently, Instagramers, YouTubers and, recently, TikTokers are all the rage. Does this mean that it is not worth investing in cooperation with bloggers? Is advertising on culinary blogs still profitable? Do you want to reach a wider audience? We can help you effectively! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Advertising on culinary blogs – for whom? The Internet has become the most important advertising meium. Over 90% of Poles now have access to the Internet. By running an advertising campaign on the web, you can reach an increibly wide audience and build huge recognition.

Trip or a balloon flight

This, in turn, can translate into real benefits for the company, such as increasing sales or gaining a solid competitive advantage. Online advertising cannot be “some”. Today, creativity, the ability to match messages to the nees and expectations Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List of recipients, as well as the use of appropriate forms of advertising are of great importance. Who is advertising on culinary blogs intende for? It is an excellent promotional tool for: food producers, manufacturers of kitchen equipment and accessories, restaurants and other dining establishments. Does cooperation with culinary bloggers make sense.

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There are over 600 million blogs online. This number accounts for almost 1/3 of all active websites. Lifestyle blogs have been the most BH Lists popular for years, where ordinary, simple issues concerning everyday life, duties and free time are discusse. Culinary blogs do not differ much from lifestyle websites. Undoubtely, they are one of the most read blogs in Poland. There are two types of food blogs: create by food critics who visit various restaurants, taste the dishes serve there and talk about their experiences online.

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