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Calm music in the background will slightly loosen the atmosphere and create a great background for establishing friendly relations between employees. Fast, lively music is a great solution for a dance party. Certainly, the participants of the company event will be happy to have fun on the dance floor in a group. As part of a break from everyday company duties, the employer can take his subordinates on a culinary trip, during which participants will get to know the Lower Silesian producers of cheese, honey, wines and liqueurs, and try their delicious specialties.

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It is also a good idea to organize a beer feast with tasty snacks. Organization of corporate events in Wrocław Organization of corporate Spain Phone Number List events in Wrocław. Lower Silesia is a real basin when it comes to attractive tourist places. Historical towns, natural and landscape attractions accumulate here to an exceptional degree and attract tourists from all over the world. It is also a great place to organize corporate events, conferences or business meetings. It is also a place where the influences of the three neighboring nations and their cultures meet.

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For this reason, a lot of international events (congresses, symposia or meetings of heads of state) take place in this region. The Karkonosze Mountains are a favorite place for meetings and excursions. They offer local cuisine and regional beers, as well as BH Lists plenty of other attractions apart from culinary. Corporate events Wrocław – it does not have to be the capital of the region! About an hour’s drive from Wrocław, in the Karkonosze Mountains, we already have a very large selection of suitable facilities when it comes to accommodation and catering.

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