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We have collected the main SEO trends of the last few months, from mobile optimizations to the importance of going beyond Google, discover them below to  increase the visibility of your company on the web.

SEO nowadays puts the user and their experience at the center: providing quick and relevant answers, regardless of the device or channel used for the search, is essential.
Google is creating a seamless ecosystem where the user can perform many actions without leaving the platform. Therefore, making your website responsive and ensuring a consistent user experience across different platforms is essential.

High-quality structured data is the key to ranking among the top search results. It is advisable to provide search engines with as much of this data as possible to increase the visibility of your online content, as it allows search engines to better understand it and show it to interested users.

tips for succeeding online

Employer branding is the image and reputation that a company conveys as an employer. A solid identity is key to new data attracting the right candidates.

Here are some useful tips:

  1. Define company values: Start by identifying who you are as a company and what values ​​guide you. Clearly communicating these values ​​to potential candidates helps create an emotional connection.
  1. Create engaging content: Use your website and social media to share employee success stories, testimonials and content that showcases company culture.Attending industry events and conferences allows you to showcase yourself as a leader in your field and attract the attention of talent.

Collaboration with a Recruiting agency:

In order to maximize results it is possible to consider collaboration with a specialized recruiting agency. These professionals have extensive experience attracting high-level talent and can offer the following benefits:

  1. Access to research and analytics: Recruiting agencies have access to data and analytics that BH Lists can help you better understand the job market and competition.
  2. Customizing Strategies: A recruiting agency can customize your strategies based on your specific needs and industries of interest.
  3. Saves time and resources: Working with professionals allows you to focus on the company’s core activities while they manage the talent search process.

By implementing these techniques carefully, your company can emerge as a desirable employer in the market.

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