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That’s because even the emails that landed in spam were technically delivered. As long as the message didn’t bounce or get blocked, it counts toward the delivery rate. You should aim for a delivery rate of 95% or higher. For comparison, users of Mailgun by Sinch have an average delivery rate of 97.4%. Inbox placement rate A more precise way of measuring email deliverability is to monitor inbox placement. This looks at the percentage of messages that actually made it to the main inbox. So, it excludes anything that’s quarantined to spam or delivered to other folders instead.

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In the InboxReady graphic below, this sender is getting an Australian Email Lists amazing 97.9% inbox placement rate while just 0.6% of emails are going into spam. The rest are marked “Missed,” which is likely because of invalid addresses that bounced or failed to reach the inbox for another reason. inbox placement email deliverability metrics Besides measuring what happens after emails are sent, you can also predict inbox placement, which gives you a better idea of email deliverability ahead of time. That means you’re able to address deliverability issues before you hit send. Find out more about the inbox placement solutions from Inbox Ready.

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There are other deliverability metrics you should BH Lists monitor, such as spam complaints and unsubscribes, but these don’t exactly measure deliverability. Instead, they could cause deliverability issues if they get (and stay) too high. Part 2 banner with magnifying glass What causes email deliverability issues? There are plenty of reasons why an email doesn’t get delivered. But let’s check out some of the biggest email deliverability pitfalls that hurt your chances of landing in the inbox. When your deliverability metrics are looking bleak, this is where to start looking for problems.


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